Who we are

Cable-Sense is dedicated to maximising the potential of your businesses cabling infrastructure.

Cable-Sense makes existing Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions look expensive and hard to use. In the past, ROI models for IIMS have focused on patch fields; Cable-Sense's extensive functionality delivers significant savings across your cabling network reducing costs in material, energy, capital expenditure and operations.

Cable-Sense's technology has high-level university research at its heart. As a spin-out business, it is borne from unique research unmatched in the commercial sector. It has been designed to be easily fitted without disruption to your existing cabling installation. Using web-based cloud architecture, the system monitors your network in real-time, and powerful reporting tools allow you to customise the gathered information to match your business requirements. Detailed analysis of a single link is possible, along with high-level network metrics including energy saving and server utilisation.

A Cable-Sense solution isn't just innovative and effective - it will deliver measurable bottom-line benefits too. It costs less to install and run than competitor systems and will dramatically cut the cost of running your physical layer. Cable-Sense delivers industry-leading ROI, thanks to and advanced feature set and low operational costs.