Network Security & Audit

Cable-Sense can form an integral part of your compliance to recognised network security protocols such as ISO27000 and associated ITIL processes.

The system delivers security and audit at multiple levels and in real time:

  • Detecting unscheduled connections or disconnections in the cabling network to within 0.5 metres.
  • Identifying the location of a fault in the cable network to within 0.5 metres
  • Identifying in real time what and who is connected to what
  • Automatically generating an audit log of every state change in the network

In combination with an optional IP auto-discovery module, Cable-Sense will be able to display exactly what devices are connected across the cabling network, a critical requirement in many industries, for example the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

Every connection or disconnection on the cable, whether scheduled or not will be identified by Cable-Sense and logged. If the event is unscheduled Cable-Sense can immediately flag this information to the nominated persons within your business.

In combination with IP auto-discovery, the unauthorised removal of IP devices can be logged and located. All details of the actual device, including its location, can be sent to an appropriate person to escalate.

Logging every event on every cable in real-time provides an on-demand audit trail for the business. This is managed entirely by the Cable-Sense software and requires no intervention by the user. There is no need for expensive network audits and the information will form an important part of your businesses compliance to external requirements such as PCI.