Network Management

Cable-Sense once installed will automatically produce a database map of your cabling network and optionally the IP devices that are attached to it.

With the database built, you are in a position to take full control of and manage all activity across the network.

Designed to be a true fit and forget solution, Cable-Sense will monitor in real time the integrity and security of your cable network and attached devices. You can be notified by a series of alarms of any unscheduled event - and you tell Cable-Sense who needs to know the information. Being web based, you can control multiple sites in any global location in this simple but effective way.

When you need to carry out a planned change to the network, Cable-Sense is there to automate the process for you. On average, you can expect to save 85% of the time it takes to manually plan, schedule, execute and record a Move, Add or Change. This can be scheduled from anywhere globally and executed locally.

However, Cable-Sense still allows you to follow your existing operational processes - providing the information on a hand held device and verifying that the action was executed correctly. As soon as the scheduled work has been carried out, the network database is automatically updated, and where there are errors, these are automatically and instantly detected and communicated to you.

Cable-Sense monitors not just the integrity of each cable, but also the activity on each cable. This powerful information is presented in a comprehensive reporting package that allows easy user customisation.

Cable-Sense is the only cable management tool that your business requires. However, we recognise that the information and reports that it generates can form an integral part of your wider Network Management Systems. So, we can also present the information through an open API, which allows easy integration into Tivoli, Open View etc.


Other Network Management Info

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