Is Cable-Sense For you?

Will I really be able to free up or turn off redundant switch and server ports?

Industry studies show that on average between 10 and 20% of server ports that are connected are not active. However, due to the complexities of tracing the port to the user the business will usually either:

  • Leave things alone
  • Turn off the port and wait for someone to notice
I can take care of redundant ports at the next Server refresh.

At the next Server refresh a full audit will need to be carried out. With Cable-Sense installed this activity will no longer be required. Additionally, Cable-Sense will show you the activity on each port over the period of installation, together with the routing of the cable from each port.

I can manage energy and cooling with better discipline.

Cable-Sense will allow you to ensure network devices are powered off when not required to minimise energy consumption and to better utilise your switch and server assets. The cost savings generated are immediate and on-going.

I can still manage the database and the network users
with the current processes we use.

Maintaining the database for the cabling network is expensive and time consuming. Legislation is now driving the need for the business to be able to show a complete audit of all devices that are connected and disconnected in real time. Will your existing database process be able to show in real time every IP device that is connected to your network and its location? Cable-Sense will

We don't get many faults on our network, so we manage them as they occur.

The average time to fault find if a PC goes down is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Cable-Sense will identify if the fault is on the cabling to within 0.5 metres and in real time.

Moves, Adds and Changes are a fact of life and we incorporate them into the on-going running of the network.

The average time to plan a patching change and identify the correct ports by tracing the cable to the relevant patch cords is 50 minutes. The executing of the change takes 25 minutes and the average need to revisit the re-patch because of an error is 5%. Once completed the database update will take 30 minutes. Cable-Sense will reduce this time by around 85% - every time.