How Cable-Sense Works

The Hardware:

At the core of the Cable-Sense system is the Scanner. The Scanner transmits and receives a non-invasive signal along the cable. It detects any connection, disconnection or damage to the cable to within 0.5 metres of the event.

A Cable-Sense Scanner

The Scanner is quickly installed at the back of the existing patch panel, mounting to the side rails of the uprights. Its antennas then clip directly onto the cables while the network is still fully operational. There are no special patch panels or patch cords. The Scanner will fit any manufacturer's cabling system and like all of the Cable-Sense hardware, requires no reconfiguration to the existing front-of-rack layout. All of the Cable-Sense hardware in a rack/cabinet is powered by a single 240V socket.

The Scanner makes Cable-Sense easily scalable, from a single panel up to hundreds. The installation process is the same, and the system is designed to accommodate future additional units without disruption. Cable-Sense can be just as easily deployed across a campus or multi-site environment.

A SCU, aka a Controller

The Scanners are connected to a Scanner Controller, each Scanner Controller being able to manage forty Scanners - so 40 x 24-way patch panels.

Multiple Scanner Controllers are connected to a site Master Controller. This Master Controller processes data from the Scanner Controllers and passes data to the web-based software.


The Software:

Cable-Sense is designed with the web in mind. All reports and tools are accessible through any modern web browser. There is no special software to install. Your data is securely held in our modern data centres, and is regularly backed-up to ensure data integrity.

Cable-Sense Web-Application

On completion of the installation, the Cable-Sense system will automatically build a database showing you a map of all network connections across each cable. Optionally, IP auto-discovery can identify in more detail the assets connected across the cabling network. With this information you can know exactly what is connected where.

Cable-Sense runs completely out of band. It has absolutely no impact on any data transmission or Power over Ethernet applications.

The software has modules for:

  • Visualisation of the network
  • Scheduling and execution of Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Alarm and alert reporting
  • Asset tracking and analysis
  • Reporting the activity across each cable in the network in real time

Cable-Sense is focused on your business. We provide a comprehensive reporting suite, but further customisation is easy and cost effective. This includes passing the data to and from your Network, Enterprise and Data Centre Management and Planning systems - we provide simple to use APIs.

At any time, Cable-Sense can be interrogated to report on what devices are connected to the network. The system automatically maintains an audit log, and you will have full traceability of all changes.

Cable-Sense enables you to automate the planning of your cabling network. Because it is web-based, centrally planning Moves, Adds and Changes is quick and efficient. Operatives in the patch field can perform the operations displayed on a mobile device and have changes confirmed by the system.