Energy Savings

Energy is a major cost to virtually all businesses. The ICT industry is predicted to generate 3% of global carbon emissions by 2020, as much as aviation *. Cable-Sense recognises the importance of minimising emissions and energy costs, and our technology can help your business make substantial savings of both.

Cable-Sense provides a unique solution to enable energy cost savings right across your businesses IT network. The system will identify:

  • Cables that although connected to switch and server ports, are not transmitting data across the cabling infrastructure - allowing you to both identify redundant switch and server ports, and trace through the cable to the far end.
  • Devices that could be switched off outside of office hours to minimise cooling and power costs.

* ICT And CO2 emissions, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, December 2008,

Other Energy Saving Info 

Northern College will save 50 tonnes of CO2 from wasted IT energy